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AMS Bikes and Boards

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Looking for something to do this summer? Bikes and Boards is hiring volunteers! If you’re not sure about applying, here’s a few reasons why you should. Meet New People Kingston Summer’s are fantastic, but it can get a bit lonely when all your housemates are gone for the summer and you’re busy working all day. Volunteering for Bikes and Boards ... Read More »

A Tea-Lover’s Guide!


If you’re like the rest of the Queen’s population, you’ve probably been holed up in Stauffer or Douglas with your books and computer. One of the most universally accepted aids for the studying process is grabbing a hot beverage. While coffee seems the obvious choice for late nights, tea offers you multiple benefits without the intense crash and burn that ... Read More »

Boo Hoo Usurps Eril Berkok as AMS President


Meet Boo Hoo the Bear, your new AMS President!In his spare time, He enjoys sitting in Student Life Centre Spaces, Taking long walks in the JDUC, Loves Supporting Student-Run Services, Submits Complaints to Non-Academic Discipline, Lounging like he owns the place, Collaborating with Commissioners,  Discussing Provincial Lobbying Strategies, Reminiscing about Queen’s Memories and Traditions  Discussing Urgent Matters with Friends,   ... Read More »

9 Ways to Keep Calm and Carry on During Exam Time

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As April approaches, many of us will experience various forms of stress with exams, moving, job searching, and many other things happening all at once. To help combat the stresses that come with this hectic time of year, give this list a read, and think of personal ways for relieving stress and increasing positivity in your life during exam period! ... Read More »

How to Make the Most of St. Patrick’s Day in Kingston


While it may not look like it outside, March 17 is fast-approaching! To help you find fun ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, we’ve put together a list of our favourite recipes, events, and music to get your green on this weekend. There’s something for everyone to do on St. Patrick’s Day, just remember to eat some delicious food, know ... Read More »

How to Choose Your Program – Arts and Science


If you’re a first year Arts and Science student at Queen’s, chances are you’ll be selecting a degree plan within the coming months. With so many programs to choose from, many students have trouble choosing their Major, Medial, Minor, or Specialization. Here are a few tips and questions to consider while choosing your degree plan!  What type of degree do ... Read More »

By Students, For Students

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Every time you grab a chai latte from Cogro for your 8:30am class, catch up with friends over a plate of nachos at QP, buy a bus ticket from Tricolour Outlet, or print an essay at P&CC you spent all night working on, your dollars are going right to your classmates and friends here at Queen’s. Every student service is non-profit and run by ... Read More »

10 Birthday Perks: How to Get the Most Out of Your Birthday!


Once a year, a special day comes along that’s all about you. And even though birthdays are pretty fantastic, we think you should know about the next level of birthday goodness – freebies! Tons of restaurants, stores, and services offer birthday perks that get you discounts and extras that can make your birthday even more exciting. So when your next ... Read More »

35 Photos of Dogs Playing in Snow to Brighten Your Day


Waking up this morning to blankets of snow outside covering the streets, the sidewalks and the cars on the road could make it difficult getting out of bed. After a season like this, although we’re getting used to walking in the knee-deep snow, it doesn’t make it any easier. This might help brighten your day! Be sure to bundle up. ... Read More »

14 Valentine’s Day Tips


Whether you’re trying to plan the perfect date, snacks for your floormates, or a night of pajamas and Netflix, here are our 14 tips for making February 14 lovely! Get yourself in the mood for the day with some classic and current love songs. Check out iTunes’ Valentine’s Day 50 Tracks for some ideas – from Elvis to the Backstreet ... Read More »

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