Tips for Moving into Your First House!

So you’ve just completed your first year in residence, and you’re gearing up for your second year. First off, congratulations! You’ve made it. Now that summer is approaching, you may be wondering what exactly has to be done in order to get your house or apartment ready for next year. Moving in to your first place can be challenging, so here’s some helpful tips and tricks to make the transition a little smoother.

1) Start looking for furniture now!

The furniture you have in your house doesn’t have to be glamorous, but you will want basics like a couch, kitchen table, and desk for studying. The best way to avoid sleeping on your floor during Orientation Week because you haven’t got a bed yet is to start thinking about where you are going to get furniture now. Message your relatives, friends, and other students to see if anyone is offering furniture. A great resource is the Queen’s “Free and For Sale” Facebook group, where many graduating students are willing to sell (and move) their furniture for inexpensive prices. A bonus: any IKEA furniture will already be assembled!

2) Get thrifty.

A great place to look for inexpensive house furnishings are thrift stores like Value Village. Thrift stores are also great for infusing some character into your house and for looking for household odds and ends. Another great tip when searching for deals is to ask stores whether they have any scuffed/damaged items that are consequently discounted. Same goes for things like kitchenware – no one will notice if there’s a small scratch on your plate!

3) Create a plan.

If you’re moving in with other students, you’ll want to create a basic plan for who is getting which items to the house, and when (and how!) these items will be moved in. You may also want to discuss how each item will be paid for. Do you want to split the cost of larger items like a couch? Will each person be in charge of buying specific cutlery? Discussing these details now will help you avoid any conflicts in the future, and allow for a smoother move in period.

4) Make it your own.

Never underestimate the importance of making your new home feel like “you”. The best way to do this is to infuse it with things such as art, posters, and photographs that impart your creativity and create a welcoming atmosphere. Something as simple as a fun throw pillow on your couch, or a nice smelling candle in your room, can make all the difference in your house becoming a home.

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