21 Animals to Relieve Your Exam Stress: Part 2

Exams are stressful, so we’ve put together a (second) collection of cute animal photos & videos to relieve some stress! From cats, to dogs, to goats, here are some adorable stress-relief photos for you to enjoy & share. Want to see the original post again? You can check it out here.

Ps. While these are all extremely cute (and will hopefully let you relax for a couple mins) all Queen’s students should be aware of the many mental health & support services available to you. You can check them out here.

1. This otter and this goat

Queen’s <3’s goats!

2.  These pandas

3. Babysitting

4. This kitty

5. Dog eating breakfast

6. Puckering giraffe

7. This overall-wearing Orangutan! (thank you Keelin Claffey for the correction!)

8. This cat getting stuck

9. This puppy learning to go down stairs…

10. This cat, trying *really* hard…

11. Yawning baby sloth


12. Baby elephants!

13. This hedgehog

14. Baby bear with his bear

15. Puppy, on a skateboard

16. Pandas helping each other out!

17. Teacup pigs beside a teacup

18. Cats in love

via Wesam Aleyadeh

19. Red panda relaxing


20. This Dik Dik

21. Chewbacca dog

Bonus: Check out the AMS’ exam-season 8tracks playlist!

Listen, Relax and Study: a Queen’s mix from queensAMS on 8tracks Radio.

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  1. I loved the red panda but

    You’re the AMS, not Buzzfeed

  2. Yeeeee these are amazing. Thank you for making my day a bit brighter, and for the link to the music AND the peer support! (:

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