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St. Patrick’s Day: Go Green or Go Home


Ahh St. Patty’s Day. You can feel it approaching. You’ve made your Sunday plans, you’ve ransacked the dollar store of all its Irish paraphernalia, and you’ve reverted back to your March 18th, 2012 profile picture  (a glimmering combination of  a “Kiss Me I’m Irish” shirt, olive corduroys, and shamrock glasses that was SO gracefully worn last year) . But it’s ... Read More »

Getting Back To Who We Are

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Fellow students, We wanted to address some regrettable incidents that have taken place in the past 24 hours, the past week, and throughout the past year. The challenge before us is to ensure that discussions and debates on this campus are conducted in a civilized, respectful and intellectually-driven manner that will at no time threaten the physical and psychological well-being ... Read More »

Incoming Executive: Our Team & Progress So Far


This Sunday, our Executive team for the coming year was made complete, with Nicola Plummer graciously accepting the nomination for Vice-President Operations. Nicola has been humbled by the responsibility and trust placed in her, and all three of us appreciate the outpouring of support from students. This being said, we wanted to take a minute to address some very understandable ... Read More »

An FAQ on the Resignation of an AMS Executive Member


Following Peter Green’s resignation as the incoming Vice-President Operations for the AMS, there have been some important and very valid questions asked by students. Below are answers to those questions. For a formal release on this matter, as well as the details on the special Assembly,  click here.  Q: What happens when a member of the Executive resigns? The AMS Constitution ... Read More »

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