#AMSvotes 2013: Everything You Need to Know


Voting has now commenced in the AMS Winter Election, with students voting for their AMS Executive, Undergraduate Student Trustee,  student fees and in their respective faculty societies. Here is some info on who is running, how to vote, and why YOUR vote matters!

Go to the bottom of this page for our infographic on why your vote matters!

1. How do I vote?

All AMS voting is done online. This morning, you will have received an email with a link + login info that is valid until 8pm on Jan. 30th. Additionally, the AMS will have ‘voting stations’ set up around campus (basically just people at computers making it easy for you to vote in-between classes!).


Reminder: All email accounts have migrated from the old webmail system to the new Outlook email system. Voting login emails will arrive in these new inboxes just as they would in the old webmail system, and it can be accessed using the the linked button above.

Any problems with or questions about voting can be directed to Ali Tejpar, the Chief Returning Officer, at cro@ams.queensu.ca

Ps. Do not forget to check for a second email with a ballot for your faculty society!

2. What teams are running for AMS Executive?

There are three teams: BGP, TNL and PDA. Check out the tabs below (randomly ordered) for more info!

  • Team BGP
  • Team TNL
  • Team PDA
Presidential Candidate: Eril Berkok
Vice-President (University Affairs) Candidate: T.K. Pritchard
Vice-President (Operations): Peter Green
Website: http://www.votebgp.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/VoteBGP
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TeamBGP
Presidential Candidate: Troy Sherman
Vice-President (University Affairs) Candidate: Liam Faught
Vice-President (Operations): Nicola Plummer
Website: http://www.votetnl.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/VoteTNL 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VoteTNL
Presidential Candidate: Alexander Prescott
Vice-President (University Affairs) Candidate: Lisa Acchione
Vice-President (Operations): Craig Draeger
Website: http://www.votePDA.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VotePDA

3. What do these executive positions do?

The three-person AMS Executive works together in fulfilling the mandate of the AMS, and ensuring that the society runs smoothly and efficiently. Together, they are responsible for hiring AMS Commissioners, Officers, service Head Managers, and many others. They also sit as voting members on AMS Assembly, the highest governing body of the AMS.

Click these links for a detailed breakdown of the AMS President & CEO, VP (University Affairs) and VP (Operations)

4. Who is running for Undergraduate Student Trustee?

  • Andrew Aulthouse
  • Leo Erlikhman
  • Nathan Utioh

5. What does the Student Trustee do?

This person represents undergraduate students on the University’s Board of Trustees, which provides financial oversight for the University. The Undergraduate Student Trustee is one of three students on the Board and has the opportunity to represent students by participating on many of its committees, including the Campus Planning and Development Committee and the Planning Committee. They also sit as a non-voting member of AMS Assembly, to provide input and listen to the view of student representatives.

6. Why Your Vote Matters [Infographic]


About Marketing & Communications Office

The editor-in-chief of this blog, the AMS Marketing & Communications Officer is charged with informing students about the activities of the society, facilitating two-way communication, and encouraging participation in student government and employment! You can reach the current Marketing & Communications Officer, Mackenzie Biddie at marcomm@ams.queensu.ca.

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