Homecoming: Its Return & Your Thoughts

If you haven’t already seen it, check out our homecoming video. 

This video was released as engineers kicked their GPAs in front of the JDUC, and a bagpipe played in the background. In other words, an awesome morning at Queen’s.

After months of deliberation and nearly four years since our last fall reunion weekend, Principal Daniel Woolf has decided to reinstate fall homecoming to the Queen’s tradition beginning in 2013. Supported by a unanimous University Council motion in May 2012, and reinforced by the Board of Trustees in December, Queen’s will welcome its alumni back to campus over two weekends throughout October of 2013. The decision to suspend the homecoming tradition came after a series of incidents through the late 2000s and was made by interim Principal Tom Williams in 2008. This is not a past we can run away from, but it is something we should build on; something we should learn from.

Homecoming represents an invaluable part of Queen’s. It represents the continuation of tradition and spirit. It represents our 172 years of history. It represents a world-class alumni. It represents the idea that students and alumni have lots to teach one another – whether it is about life after graduation or life at Queen’s.  The relationship between students and alumni is one of the fundamental values of Queen’s University and is founded on a collegial respect for the Queen’s spirit and the Queen’s experience.

All of this has been lost for 4 years, and we as students are determined to make this count.

As undergraduate students we are cognizant of the tremendous contributions of those who have walked this campus before us have made and the return of Queen’s Homecoming gives us the opportunity to celebrate their past while reflecting upon our future. We look forward to the return of homecoming, as well as hearing your thoughts.

Cha Gheill,

Doug Johnson
AMS President & CEO (12-13)

About Marketing & Communications Office

The editor-in-chief of this blog, the AMS Marketing & Communications Officer is charged with informing students about the activities of the society, facilitating two-way communication, and encouraging participation in student government and employment! You can reach the current Marketing & Communications Officer, Mackenzie Biddie at marcomm@ams.queensu.ca.

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