21 Cute Animals to Relieve Your Exam Stress

Exams are stressful, so we’ve put together a collection of cute animal photos & videos to relieve some stress! From cats, to dogs, to otters, here are some adorable stress-relief photos for you to enjoy & share.

Ps. While these are all extremely cute (and will hopefully let you relax for a couple mins) all Queen’s students should be aware of the many available mental health & support services. You can check them out here.

1. Christmas Pups

2. A baby sloth, with a new best friend

3. Cat (probably) surfing Facebook

4. Baby bulldog trying to walk

5. Happy baby

6. Cat sad that you can’t focus

7. Best of friends

 8. Baby meets puppy for the first time

9. Cats, trying to find a seat in Stauffer

10. Getting ready for Hurricane Sandy

11. Elephant bath

12. This puppy might like car windows

13. Dogs that want to be a Christmas tree 

14. Wrinkles. Wrinkles everywhere.

15. Baby elephant at the beach

16. Pandas trying to climb a slide

17. Best of friends

18. Hat trick

19. Newborn Gorilla

20. Otters!

21. This crazy sheep

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  • Psyched

    Aw, that was cute. Thanks for the stress relief!

  • Karim Habibi

    I love those pictures, especially the ones of the elephant swimming in the Ocean! Thank you for brightening my day!
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  • Rawr

    Number 11 is an animatronic elephant from the Jungle Safari ride from disneyland : all the other pictures/vids are cute though.

    • emily

      Yeah, but its still insanely cute!

    • http://twitter.com/tailormann Taylor Mann

      Haha fair.

  • Guilty as Charged

    Is it true that this got over 15000 views in 24 hours? We’re the masters of procrastination.

  • emily

    These. Are. Awesome.

  • Heathor

    That isn’t a baby giraffe. They are born much larger than that.

  • chris

    that’s not a baby giraffe. It’s a baby Dik-dik (type of antelope)

  • kiki dog

    what makes you think everyone on this sight takes exams…… maybe we stopped taking exams and got real

    • Sam

      … It’s run by an alma mater society… so it’s going to be at least predominantly school oriented. Maybe you DID graduate… But that doesn’t mean that the vast majority of the *SITES’ viewers are in the same situation. Do you really have so little else going on in your life that you’re going to nitpick the demographic they chose to primarily direct this to?

  • ldrboyle

    Cute little puppies, but not for a chtistmas gift. After all, most puppies are forgotten about and suffer from abuse and neglect.

  • LANA

    LOVE EM ALL!!!

  • frisout

    i like 21 so much

  • Kiru

    my favorite was the sloth :)

  • http://twitter.com/rj_burguesinha ——;–;-´-@

    Love cats! very cute! :D

  • Chloe J

    Silly pandas. You can’t climb up a slide what r u guys doing! :)

  • team gorillaz

    i love the new born gorilla!

  • Morgan Brewer


  • geomark

    This article for how
    to relief stress
    is nice and the content given here is very
    interesting and thanks for sharing such a nice information with us.

  • Plazmic

    Those elephants make me want to go for a swim. But the sheep at the end makes it better :)


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