Queen’s social media: who to follow!

There are lots of great social media accounts around Queen’s, and around Kingston. Below are just a couple of the ones that you should be following (and why).

Warning: linked pages are not guaranteed to be appropriate.

Overheard at Queen’s

One of the more popular Facebook groups at Queen’s, you can check it out hereSome great posts from around campus/Queen’s, this has grown to be a “overSEEN at Queen’s” as well.

Queen’s Events

One of the more recent players on the Queen’s social media scene, this is also one of the best. Check out their twitter feed or their website for everything happening around Queen’s!

Courtesy of Queen’s Events


With a number of different sites, Undergraduating is a pretty awesome source of pan-Queen’s info, news and hilarity. Check out their tumblr here and their twitter here, and their Pinterest here

One Time, At Queen’s…

A tumblr that produces hilarious posts that are pretty relevant to most people’s lives. Check it out here. Note: we do not endorse everything that happens on this page!

Queens U Problems

A hilarious collection of problems that many of us can relate to, this also has one of the largest followings at Queen’s! Check it out on Facebook here and on Twitter here.

Alma Mater Society

[Insert shameless self-promotion]. Check us out on Facebook or Twitter for lots of great updates, photos and info-graphics about Queen’s!

anatomy of a Queen's university student

Kingston Police

Not the first thing most students would think of, the Kingston Police have a remarkable Facebook and Twitter presence. They deal with a lot of important stuff, share great content, and engage with students – even the silly ones.

Queen’s TV

This AMS service has a very active – and humorous – social media presence. Check out their Facebook and Twitter page for videos and news from around Queen’s!

About Marketing & Communications Office

The editor-in-chief of this blog, the AMS Marketing & Communications Officer is charged with informing students about the activities of the society, facilitating two-way communication, and encouraging participation in student government and employment! You can reach the current Marketing & Communications Officer, Mackenzie Biddie at marcomm@ams.queensu.ca.

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