Monthly Archives: October 2012

Queen’s Gives the Gift of 8


This Monday, Queen’s Commerce Society launched a powerful (and well-designed) outreach campaign called “Queen’s Gives the Gift of 8″. Watch the video below, click on the links provided, and share this around! This campaign’s goal is to encourage Queen’s University students, faculty, and the Kingston community to register their consent to be organ donors and to save lives. In order to ... Read More »

Fraternities & Sororities at Queen’s: Your Thoughts


In the early 1930s the AMS and the University banned fraternities and sororities on campus. This ban, which is reflected in AMS Constitution Section 7, precludes AMS members from “be[ing] an active member of any fraternity or sorority, that is, any organization composed of students and former students which has a secret oath, constitution or pledge or which has a ... Read More »

Queen’s social media: who to follow!


There are lots of great social media accounts around Queen’s, and around Kingston. Below are just a couple of the ones that you should be following (and why). Warning: linked pages are not guaranteed to be appropriate. Overheard at Queen’s One of the more popular Facebook groups at Queen’s, you can check it out here. Some great posts from around campus/Queen’s, this has ... Read More »

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